Visualize It Built


 Our clients come from a multitude of roles in the design process.  Each role stands to benefit from photorealistic rendering.

Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects use our high-quality, photorealistic renderings to deliver compelling presentations to their clients, contractors and design review agencies.  They explore design options with accurate images that their clients can understand.

Project Owners retain our rendering services for a better understanding of the composition of materials and finishes or choice of furniture, fixtures or lighting to avoid change orders during construction.  

Contractors hire us to develop complex construction sequencing animations to communicate scheduling strategies to prospective clients.  

Developers can use VIB's renderings to jumpstart sales by 'pre-marketing' their projects before they even break ground.  This can also build project awareness in the community and gain approval from local communities.

No matter where you fit in, there is value in communicating your ideas in a convincing and realistic manner.  We are here to help make that happen.